Digital Learning: 4 Key Challenges and Their Solutions

Education continues to enter uncharted territory when it comes to the rapid deployment of digital learning solutions. School districts must align their technology solutions with the needs of students, while teachers must re-evaluate what it means to deliver a learning experience.

This has created a new host of challenges for educators as they try to navigate the complex world of virtual learning. As we all transition to digital learning, it’s important to pay attention to the pain points of everyone involved. 

Today, we’re going to highlight some of the digital learning challenges that school districts face, as well as simple solutions.

1. Employees Feel Overwhelmed


It’s not uncommon for teachers to struggle to adapt to new digital solutions. Learning new digital platforms, where to find documents, or who to ask for help all contribute to decreasing student participation and can even confuse them. All of this creates an overwhelmed employee and can diminish the learning experience.

The Solution

One of the easiest ways to provide the proper support to overwhelmed employees is to create change champions within your school. Find team members who have a solid track record of adopting new technology and put them in a position to help those who are struggling.

Turn your tech-savvy early adopters into authoritative voices that promote adoption and provide support. This directly solves the problem of teachers feeling overwhelmed and even contributes to creating a sense of community.

2. Teachers Using Non-Supported Apps


Not all technology is created equally, and in many cases, your teachers may prefer to use solutions not authorized by your district. This presents a significant challenge as it may fragment your user base and encourage staff to use unauthorized apps, resulting in a headache for your IT team, who now faces a tangled technological ecosystem. 

The Solution

Provide teachers and students with a unified experience that’s based on standardized technological solutions and combined with effective training. Additionally, provide a robust content library teachers can contribute to and grow together. Always provide a way for teachers and students to provide feedback.

3. Devices Fail Too Often


A common mistake that school districts make is maintaining a fleet of devices that vary in age, make, and model to save money. However, device failure happens more often as these devices age. Since remote and digital learning relies on devices, device failure is becoming a significant pain point for teachers.

The Solution

School districts should strive to accommodate digital learning by creating a steady and reliable refresh cycle for all devices. Replace old technology with new standardized devices so districts will be in a position to maximize productivity and reduce the expense of repairs and maintenance.

4. Students Simply Aren’t Engaged


Learning involves building a relationship between the educator and students. Moving to digital learning has meant that teachers need to develop new ways to engage students. However, keeping students excited and motivated has become significantly more significant. 

It’s easy for students to become distracted when learning online, making it difficult for teachers to maintain control. How can teachers keep students engaged and absorbing new material?

The Solution

There are few ways that teachers can make use of digital learning to keep students engaged:

  • Personalize your course plan: Since face-to-face contact is minimal, it’s more important than ever to create a personalized plan that captures the attention of students. This can mean a variety of things, such as allowing students to mark up digital readings or creating a robust reporting system.
  • Create a consistent schedule: When students are in the classroom, it’s easy to stick to a specific schedule. That same structure needs to continue in the digital learning environment. Keep students on a structured program to keep them engaged.
  • Track student engagement: There are a few new ways that teachers can track student engagement, such as when they log in to systems and how they participate within them. Teachers should track how engaged students are over time.

Be Ready for New Challenges


New challenges will certainly arise, but your district can be ready by embracing the right digital learning solutions. Thoroughly research any platform to make sure it meets your needs, and you should notice fewer pain points. Keep addressing any pain points that do occur, and your schools will be poised for success.

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