Digital Transformation Trends - Looking Forward

The journey towards digital transformation in education should lead to a broader vision that enables constant innovation and enhancement of teaching and learning. But it must also improve the operational efficiencies of administrative and management services for students, educators, and the community.

At Edsembli, we are continuously striving to be a part of that digital transformation by leveraging our cloud-based technology to create a modern user experience and delivering a functionality that assists school boards where they need it most.

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As we approach 2021, we realize that the digital transformation is here. It is now and in order to thrive and realize success in the future, forward-thinking schools, need to find new and innovative ways to educate students to foster their future success. In this e-book, we have compiled what we believe are the eight trends in Digital Transformation in 2021 and beyond.

Learn About:

  • Increased Investment in Digital Transformation
  • Contactless Solutions
  • Remote Learning and Virtual Interactions
  • Digital Communication Network Upgrades
  • Scenario Planning and Investing in the What Ifs
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Implementation
  • An Increase in Big Data Tools and Software
  • More Investments in Cloud Technologies

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