Built by education for education

Edsembli understands the unique and complex challenges faced by administrators, educators, and students. Our platform was inspired by school boards to overcome sector-specific problems and provide a seamless experience across human resources, payroll, finance, and student information systems.

Improving outcomes at all levels of education

Transform the way you visualize, report, and manage data with Edsembli.

Seamless integration between all departments

With our included API school districts are able to eliminate the need for complex third-party integrations. The Edsembli Ecosystem enhances data connectivity across all departments, minimizing errors and improving operational efficiency. 

Full transparency from classrooms to the board

Improve decision-making at all levels with enhanced visibility over core processes at both the classroom and school board level. Streamline day-to-day operations, ensure data accuracy, and focus on empowering the learning experience.

Built-in compliance with policies and procedures

Our dynamic cloud-based model improves data security while keeping schools and boards fully and effortlessly compliant with the Ministry of Education, CRA, Service Canada, PIPEDA and other regulatory bodies.

One ecosystem for
everything education needs

Customizable Reports

Create advanced reports in real-time. All the complex functionality you need to extract, analyze, and report data from multiple data sources.


Unlock operational efficiency by eliminating manual processes wherever possible. Save time, cut costs, and reduce administrative burden.

Secure Audit Trail

Take advantage of role-based access control and selective permissions to establish an audit trail that administrators can easily follow.

Student Management

Create, auto-populate, and verify student records that include timetables, health records, academic performance, demographics and more.

Role-Based Access

Maintain data security by controlling access to sensitive information based on granular distinctions and customizable distinctions.

Compliance Changes

Stay on top of updates, amendments, and renegotiations with built-in compliance functionality that incorporates new changes.

Exceptional experiences start with a unified Ecosystem

Choose between individual components or the entire ecosystem. Seamlessly integrate other components whenever you’re ready.

Human Resources & Payroll

Our robust HRP platform streamlines your approach to managing hire-to-retire processes, from profile creation, on-boarding, and payroll to acting on complex bargaining agreements and other union-related decisions. Simplify absence management, compensation packages, records of employment, timesheets and more with an HRP platform that understands the nuances of education.

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Financial Management

Take control of your finance department with a comprehensive portfolio of built-in accounting tools, advanced reporting functionality, and real-time data visibility. Eliminate auditing issues ahead of time while staying in sync with other key departments. Stay on top of your school district’s financial health with a finance solution designed specifically for schools and boards.

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Student Information System

Streamline student management. Create robust profiles that cover timetables, health records, academic performance, individual education plans and more. Our easy-to-use platform connects directly to students and parents, allowing for built-in fee payments and simplified communications. Save time and reduce the administrative burden with automation and modern user experience.

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Functionality where you need it most

Edsembli seamlessly integrates and handles all aspects of employee lifecycle management, including complex union agreements, as well as non-union environments.

Streamline vendor management, stock catalogues and purchase orders with an intuitive requisition to cheque process that improves visibility, awareness, accountability, and informed decision making.

Get your students registered and in your student information system using automation and the many customization options that come with Edsembli SIS.


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