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Edsembli is supporting education tech as an Ed-Fi Alliance Summit gold sponsor



The Ed-Fi Alliance Summit is less than a month away, and Edsembli isn’t only attending — we’re sponsoring it. 

Education leaders, ed-tech providers, and educators will gather in Austin, Texas, in early November to discuss the current state of education technology and explore the industry’s future.

The 10th anniversary of the annual summit consists of over 70 keynotes and sessions to encourage conversations and collaborations for the ultimate benefit of student success. Ed-Fi anticipates over 500 attendees this year.

Edsembli is a Gold Sponsor of the Ed-Fi Alliance Summit 2022

Edsembli is a gold sponsor, and we’re in good company. This year’s gold sponsors include:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Edsembli
  • ClassLink
  • Double Line
  • Strategic Data Project

We’re teaming up with other industry leaders to advance education technology. Like our peers, we believe that education will significantly benefit from embracing technology to streamline processes and leverage data to gain valuable insights that support students’ success. 

Industry summits and conferences allow educators and ed-tech providers to share ideas, current challenges, and available solutions with free-flowing conversations. 

Edsembli believes it’s essential for ed-tech providers to fully understand educators’ struggles, while educators will benefit from learning what solutions are available — and on the horizon.

What is the Ed-Fi Alliance?

The Ed-Fi Alliance is a non-profit organization backed by the Gates Foundation. The organization is committed to advancing education technology to improve organizations’ operations. The non-profit focuses on empowering educators to leverage the wealth of data schools produce for the ultimate benefit of every student in the district.

Edsembli fully supports Ed-Fi’s mission and vision — to equip educators and administrators with the tools they need to provide personalized learning by leveraging every available data point, not just test scores and attendance scattered across disjointed spreadsheets. 

The alliance strives to help education view data and technology as an asset, not a burden. Ed-Fi has data standards, best practices, and a large community to support its mission.

Will We See You At the Ed-Fi Alliance Summit?

The Ed-Fi Alliance encourages anyone interested in learning about data interoperability in education to attend. The conference will help attendees learn how to implement proven change management strategies and increase data literacy among educators and administrators. 

Are you interested in learning more about how your organization can harness technology to benefit administrators, educators, and students? It’s not too late to register for the Ed-Fi Summit — we hope to see you there!

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