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Edsembli & Ed-Fi Data Standards

Empowering educators and administrators

Edsembli believes in the power of data, which is why we support The Ed-Fi Alliance’s goals to empower educators and administrators to easily view, securely store, and harness the power of their data.

About the Ed-Fi Alliance

The alliance is a multi-faceted non-profit organization composed of former teachers, education administrators, and developers. 

The non-profit has created the Ed-Fi Data Standard to guide education organizations and developers in collecting, storing, and using its powerful yet sensitive data. 

We fully support Ed-Fi’s vision, and complying with its data standard helps the education industry manage and gain insights from its wealth of information.

The Ed-Fi Data Standard

The Ed-Fi Data Standard was created to help school districts and education agencies use the millions of data points they collect, all in one place. The goals of the Ed-Fi Data Standard are:

Accurate State Reporting

Ed-Fi makes it easier to generate accurate and timely reports for state and federal requirements.

Instant Answers

Enable principals to understand trends in their schools quickly by having all of the latest information in one place.

Personalized Learning

Empower teachers to quickly and accurately discover how to best deliver personalized learning for every student.

How Edsembli Maintains Ed-Fi Data Standard Compliance

We’ve updated our platform to comply with the Ed-Fi Data Standard. Our leading-edge SIS platform is already helping educators and administrators streamline their processes, procedures, and data handling. 

Compliance with the Ed-Fi Data Standard not only supports new improvements being made to our platform, but also the broader education industry. We’ve made it easier than ever for educators and administrators to adopt the Edsembli | Ecosystem, giving them the tools and foundation needed to collect, manage, and unlock the full potential of their data.

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