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Edsembli migrating to Amazon Web Services


Edsembli is always looking for ways to improve the performance of our platform. Our latest upgrade makes our world-class school management software more secure, responsive, and reliable. 

So, what’s changed?

We’re migrating our back-end infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Businesses across all industries use AWS to take advantage of its leading-edge cloud infrastructure. AWS allows companies to focus on the business rather than building and managing networks.

Edsembli will soon move to Amazon’s top-tier service to power our platform, providing you with an even better experience. Keep reading to learn why we’ve made this decision and how it impacts you.

Why Are We Moving to AWS?

Apps you use daily rely on AWS to power their platforms, like Netflix, Slack, and Lyft. Even Facebook leverages AWS to complement its in-house infrastructure. 

Edsembli decided to migrate to AWS to improve our services, streamline operating costs, and improve your experience. Some key benefits of AWS include:

  • Maintain industry-leading security: We collect sensitive information, and you depend on us to keep it secure. AWS provides industry-leading security to its cloud infrastructure, allowing us to focus on application-level security. You can rest assured that AWS and Edsembli will protect your information from all angles.
  • Enhance responsiveness and uptime: Schools depend on our platform to be available when they need it. AWS uses the latest cloud computing technologies to ensure that our platform is always up and running and provides the best possible speeds and responsiveness. 
  • Highly scalable: Your services won’t be affected as Edsembli continues to grow. A critical flaw in some networks is that more users can slow down an application’s speed. AWS is highly scalable and elastic, so your services won’t slow down as more school districts adopt Edsembli.

Edsembli is committed to continually identifying ways to improve our school management platform. That often means deploying new features, but sometimes it means making back-end changes to improve your overall experience. 

Are you ready to modernize your school management system? Contact us today to discover how Edsembli can improve your systems with high uptime, leading-edge security, and enhanced responsiveness.

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