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How you can engage staff, teachers, and parents with Edsembli



Engaging parents in students’ education can have far-reaching effects. For example, teachers can reinforce positive behavior with frequent communication while keeping parents informed about any concerning issues, such as too many absences. 

One study found that K-12 schools experienced a 40% reduction in absenteeism when actively fostering a connection with families. This study sets the stage for how engaging parents and guardians directly improve student outcomes. 

Teachers must also engage with new tech platforms to realize their benefits. Some teachers may struggle to adopt new processes and tools, so it’s vital to demonstrate benefits to drive the usage of the new platform.

Keep reading to learn how you can motivate parents and teachers to engage with new platforms for the ultimate benefit of students, parents, and educators.

How to Overcome Common Parent Engagement Hurdles

Engaging parents to support student success has been an ongoing struggle in K-12 education. Fortunately, leading-edge platforms like Edsembli help make it easier for parents to interact and be involved.

Let’s explore a few ways the Edsembli Ecosystem naturally engages parents to be more involved in their children’s education.

Have Accurate Contact Information

Our portal allows parents to update their contact information when it changes. This simple capability can go a long way in making it easy for educators to reach parents when they’re needed.

Previously, parents had to call schools or visit in person to update any information, and it’s easy to forget. Parents can now simply log in to the dashboard and provide a new phone number or email address.

Identify Ideal Communication Channels

Let parents indicate how they’d like to receive any communication from the school. For example, some parents prefer phone calls; others will opt for emails. Depending on your district, you can make SMS communication available.

Understanding a parent’s ideal communication channel keeps them more engaged in their student’s success and makes it easy to direct them to Edsembli if necessary.

Understand and Overcome Language Barriers

A common barrier in engaging parents is language barriers that clearly make engaging them more challenging. Using Edsembli, you can allow parents to indicate their preferred language and their level of understanding of other languages.

Then, you can make an effort to communicate in the chosen language whenever necessary to keep parents involved in the learning process.

Provide the Right Tools and Resources

Your school district likely has several different policies, resources, and tools available for parents they may not know about. This information can help parents better understand what’s happening at your school and what they can do to support their children.

Edsembli’s cloud-based platform allows you to make all these tools and resources available within the parent dashboard. Parents can access these tools on-demand whenever they’re necessary. You don’t need to depend on email chains to provide parents with the necessary resources; make it permanently available with Edsembli.

How to Keep Teachers Engaged with New Platforms

We’ve been focusing on parents so far, but teachers also need to be engaged with Edsembli to bring every possible benefit to your school district.

Let’s explore a few ways our platform benefits teachers and makes their lives easier:

  • Attendance: Teachers can use ERP software to track attendance and eliminate every process associated with spreadsheets or pen and paper. Attendance will be immediately visible to administrators. Show teachers how using new technologies can make their workday easier and give them more time to focus on student success.
  • Automated email notifications: Eliminate many of the common reasons educators reach out to HR or payroll with automated emails alerting them about necessary changes. Some examples of automated email notifications include:
    • Pay changes
    • Depleted short-term sick leave
    • Benefit buyback opportunities
  • Quickly check employee information: Edsembli allows teachers and administrators to use our cloud-based dashboard to manage any information related to their employment, such as remaining PTO or changing contact details.
  • Professional development: Teachers significantly benefit from opportunities to learn new teaching methods and learning tools. Edsembli allows you to create opportunities for educators to opt into new professional development opportunities to support continued growth.

Make these benefits clear to your educators and provide basic training on using Edsembli. Remove any other hurdles individual teachers may have with additional training, then allow the entire school district to benefit from the leading-edge technology.

Boost Staff, Teacher, and Parent Engagement with Edsembli

We’re proud of the Edsembli platform, but tools are only valuable when used. You need to ensure parents and teachers are actively engaging with Edsembli, or any other platform, to realize its benefits.

Ready to learn more about how our leading-edge platform can modernize your school district and improve student outcomes? Contact us today to book a demo and discover how Edsembli can help.

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