Finance Management Software for K-12 & Education

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Modernize the way you allocate, track, and transfer funds with finance management software built specifically for modern education.

What can you do with the Edsembli | FIN?

  • Integrate a powerful solution that unifies data connectivity across key departments
  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with built-in, advanced reporting
  • Create a visible audit trail and gain full visibility into critical financial processes
  • Assess financial readiness with exams designed by our team of financial specialists
  • Manage tangible capital assets directly within Edsembli | FIN
  • Establish internal controls and eliminate auditing issues

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Unify finance with HR, payroll, and student management

Discover new levels of productivity and functionality with our fully integrated solution—the Edsembli Ecosystem.

Edsembli | FIN

Stay on top of school finances with powerful built-in accounting tools, advanced reporting features, and real-time visibility.

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Edsembli | HRP

Streamline human resources and payroll tasks with a platform built to handle education’s complex HR and union requirements.

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Edsembli | SIS

Simplify student record management with an intuitive platform that’s flexible, easy to use, and integrated with your other systems.

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Built by education for education

Our finance management software is built specifically to address the complex needs of education. Simplify the way you track and manage critical accounting processes with Edsembli | FIN—the solution trusted by more than 1.7 million students and 100 school districts across North America.

Our data centers are located in Canada and the United States.

The Edsembli Ecosystem offers modules for IEPs, library management, TCA, and more.

Our technical support teams understand the unique needs and challenges education faces.

We are constantly leveraging our community to enhance the platform and develop new functionality.

Finance management software built for education

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