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Dashboard of Edsembli | FIN Employee Expenses tracking

Optimized Submission, Tracking, and Payment

Maintain greater control and visibility over expense claims

Provide employees with an intuitive interface through which they can easily create and submit expense claims. Streamline entitlement and compensation to reduce faculty and administrative burden, and integrate with other Edsembli solutions to wrap claims into your overall budget.

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Simple Administration

Track and manage all employee claims through a streamlined, centralized dashboard that improves visibility for both administrators and staff.
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Expedited Requisitions

Significantly reduce the time required to submit and receive payment for expense claims.
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Automated Reporting

Create an audit trail that makes it easy to remain compliant, and automatically populate your general ledger with the latest expense claims.

Core Features

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Headache-Free Employee Expense Management

Get a Better Handle on Your Reimbursement Process

Make employee expenses easier to manage for both faculty and administration with an intuitive, flexible payment management solution. Integrate with Edsembli HRP to combine reimbursement with payroll management.

  • Draft, submitted, rejected, and completed statuses make it easy to discern the progress of claims at a glance.
  • Expedite the payment process for vendors with non-traditional payment methods while keeping your data fully secure.
  • Add context and verification to claims by uploading documents and images.

Streamline Claims and Reimbursements with Edsembli FIN

Create, submit, track, and pay employee expense claims more efficiently and effectively with Edsembli's powerful management software. Book a demo today to learn more.

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