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Full Cycle Accounting and Financial Management

Improve the governance of your school district's funds

Leverage a trusted, purpose-built platform to ensure full transparency and accountability for all financial transactions within your district. Support your financial needs in both the short-term and the long-term with improved visibility, reporting, and auditing.

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Gain Visibility of Each Encumbrance Type

Manage pre-commitments for requisitions, commitments for purchase orders, expenses for invoices, and more.
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Flexible, Intuitive Financial Management

Configurable periods and fiscal years align with how school districts do business. Leverage custom chart of accounts, aliases and reports.
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Easy Compliance

Automatically and securely retain records of every transaction for more effective auditing and reporting.

Core Features

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Optimize Your Budget from Payroll to Purchase Order

Everything You Need to Build a Better Budget

Ensure effective resource allocation and smarter spending through a full-cycle K-12 accounting and finance management solution. Leverage built-in integrations, automation, and an intuitive, streamlined interface to make life easier for administrators.

  • Configurable chart of accounts
  • Manage invoicing and cash receipting at both the school and the district office.
  • Allocate funds when a requisition is created and alert users immediately if they are over budget.
  • Make smarter spending decisions by leveraging budget analytics.

Modernize Your School's Accounting Processes with Edsembli FIN

Embrace an accounting solution designed from the ground-up for the sector-specific roadblocks faced by your district. Book a demo today to learn more.

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