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Comprehensive, Customizable Asset Tracking

Optimize spending through better record-keeping

Easily classify, monitor, and search your district’s assets to ensure each school has what it needs to function. Track the useful life of each asset and assess value based on bad debt, toxicity, amortization, and more.

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Improved Asset Capitalization

Leverage a centralized database for timelier deployment, maintenance, and disposal of existing assets.
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Jurisdictionally-Compliant Reporting

Maintain secure records of all assets and create Schedule 3C reports with ease.
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See the Bigger Picture

Tie asset utilization into your overall budget by linking assets to G/L accounts and assessing them in the context of district-wide spending.

Core Features

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Eliminate Unnecessary Back Office Documentation

Managing Your Employee Records Has Never Been Easier

Prepare for budget shortfalls, avoid unnecessary spending, and proactively respond to supply shortages through a secure, feature-rich asset management platform. Empower your administrators with the capacity to immediately locate and evaluate any asset in your inventory.

  • Accurately calculate accumulated amortization and end-of-life.
  • Identify potential operational issues by tracking in-service and disposal dates.
  • Add more context to each asset with attachments and configurable classes/categories.

Transform Your Asset Management Processes with Edsembli FIN

Improve how your school district leverages, maintains, and retires fixed assets with a robust, intuitive, cloud-based solution. Book a demo today to learn more.

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