A finance solution designed for school administrations

We understand the financial processes you rely on and why you rely on them. Our platform was inspired by school boards to overcome sector-specific roadblocks in financial management. Modernize the way you allocate, track, and transfer funds with a proven finance solution.


Improving financial health across your school system

Bring your finances into focus across schools and boards with an integrated platform that does it all.

Seamless communication with systems and schools

Eliminate the need for multiple third-party integrations with an all-in-one ecosystem that enhances data connectivity across key departments, maximizes visibility and improves operational efficiency.

Take advantage of built-in reporting functionality

Rely on a dynamic cloud-based model that keeps you fully and effortlessly compliant with changing regulatory requirements. Generate advanced reports while maintaining high-level data security.

Streamline critical financial processes

Reimagine financial productivity with our  portfolio of accounting tools. Expedite requisitions, purchase orders, inventory, expense reports, and more by combining automation with an easy-to-use interface.

Addressing your unique
accounting needs

Readiness Assessment

Identify and evaluate your current financial management processes with a comprehensive exam designed by our Edsembli financial specialists.

Tangible Capital Assets Management

Transform the way you monitor & manage fixed assets with a robust platform taking every factor into account.


Unlock operational efficiency by eliminating manual processes wherever possible. Save time, cut costs, and reduce administrative burden.

Analytics Dashboards

Extract vital financial information in seconds. Produce meaningful visualizations, detailed invoices, and customized reports.

User Feedback

Your platform starts with you. Drive continuous improvement with opportunities for user feedback and responsive enhancements.

Role-Based Access

Maintain data security by controlling access to sensitive information based on granular distinctions and customizable distinctions.

A streamlined approach to compliance and accountability

Support your day-to-day financial needs with a cloud-based platform tailored to your exact needs.

Effortlessly ensure compliance with policies and procedures. Edsembli is quick to integrate recent changes to regulations and agreements.

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Combine granular role-based access control with selective permissions to create an audit trail that administrators can follow.

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Take control of authorizations with real-time notifications. Eliminate auditing issues ahead of time with Edsembli.

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A financial management system built specifically for schools

Improve financial outcomes with instant access to privileged data. Maximize visibility throughout every step of critical processes.

Drastically simplify routine processes such as procurement. Create efficiencies and cut costs by tracking requisitions across departments.

We’re focused on continuous improvement. That’s why we actively welcome community support from industry thought leaders to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern education.

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