edsembli has the vision, expertise and technology to help school boards rethink efficiency, reallocate resources back into the classroom and reimagine education processes.


“I am excited about the vision and focus that edsembli brings to K12 educational administration. Their understanding and focus on working with the School Boards to resolve their education resource puzzle is going to change how boards use and make decisions with their current information base.”


Changing our name from Keous to edsembli is part of our growing commitment to help North American K-12 school boards and districts rethink how they use and connect their business applications.

edsembli is evolving from a product-focused company to one that provides education solutions with a consulting services approach. This transformation is a result of our continued focus to engage K-12 executive educators and administrators to better understand their changing needs. The edsembli team has the expertise, skills and technology to meet those needs.



One of the major challenges facing educators and administrators is their ability to understand the full scope of the information requirements from their legacy systems. Over time, many boards have acquired different technology products to resolve their operational requirements and compensate for a lack of system integration. Equally impactful, it has created a missed opportunity to leverage the full potential of these technology products to support better decision making and stronger student outcomes.

edsembli takes a pragmatic approach to integrate your current information base. Working with clients and their legacy systems, we have the experience and knowledge to transform many data sources into a single connected information resource for your school board.


Educators and administrators are being asked by funders to find more efficiencies in day-to-day operations of their schools and board operations.

The best way to find real efficiencies is to rethink how boards access and share information.

edsembli has the knowledge and experience to guide senior educators and administrators in their change management process so they can use their existing data streams to build long-term improvements to their operational and strategic decision making systems.  


Another major challenge facing educators and administrators is their ability to link their current information bases. Many boards are “data rich but information poor” because they are not able to connect and access data to facilitate better education decisions.  They are limited in their ability to provide timely information for their compliance reporting, support their external stakeholders with accurate information and leverage their information base to support their internal management actions.  

edsembli takes a pragmatic and results-driven approach with educators and administrators. This practical approach to maximize your existing systems, gives decision makers new insights on the operational status of their school board and schools, today.



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The edsembli name speaks to our passion for the education sector and our commitment to bring together and assemble an ecosystem of services that school boards depend on. Our team is dedicated to creating processes that unlock the potential of existing educational information data. Working with our clients we build creative and effective ways to assemble information and transform boards through better and faster decision making.