Simplifying the complexities of education

We understand the unique and complex processes involved in managing your workforce. Our platform was purpose-built for education by education to handle all aspects of employee lifecycle management. Streamline hire-to-retire processes with a dynamic cloud-based platform.


Introduce efficiency with a robust platform that does it all

We’ve combined innovative technology with modern education to give you complete control over employee administration.

Automate modern education's complex processes

Expedite the need for multiple third-party integrations with an all-in-one ecosystem that enhances data connectivity across key departments, maximizes visibility, and improves operational efficiency across boards and entire schools.

Built-in compliance to address your reporting needs

 Edsembli gives you all the complex functionality you need to extract, analyze, and report data. Our cloud-based platform includes built-in Ministry reporting capabilities, reducing the need for multiple solutions and integrations.

Seamless data connectivity between all departments

Keep data flowing between HR, payroll, and finance. Minimize errors, maximize employee visibility, and improve operational efficiency with a platform that moves your data strategically, producing comprehensive insights across departments.

Supporting your staff from
hire to retire

Entitlement Process

Automate compensation packages following a change to employee status. Manage part-time, full-time, and returning employees.

Record of Employment

Generate comprehensive reports covering employee history, including holiday calculations and vacation earnings.

Absence Management

Empower the learning experience with a proactive approach that organizes all aspects of absence management.


Track seniority and automate adjustments while remaining compliant with the Ministry of Education, CRA, and Service Canada.

Role-Based Access

Maintain data security by controlling access to sensitive information based on granular distinctions and customizable distinctions.

Staff Profiles

Create, auto-populate, and verify comprehensive staff profiles. Eliminate paper and email trails with robust profile functionality.

Enhanced Functionality where you need it most

Your employees represent the core of your organization. Streamline hire-to-retire processes with an integrated platform that does it all.

Lay the foundation for managing staff with robust employee profile creation. Leverage cloud technology to keep critical employee data visible in one location—from hire to retire.

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Navigate complex details related to unions and bargaining agreements with a platform that understands your HRP needs. Edsembli seamlessly and quickly implements any new changes.

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Unify key departments with seamless data flow and manual process automation. Reduce the need for paper trails and third-party solutions or integrations.

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Simplified access to student data

Leverage automation and a user-friendly interface to improve operational efficiency, reduce dependence on institutional knowledge, and maintain industry-leading accuracy at all times.

Our ecosystem was built with compliance at its core. Effortlessly stay aligned with rules and regulations put forth by the Ministry of Education, CRA, and Service Canada.

We’re focused on continuous improvement. That’s why we actively welcome community support from industry thought leaders to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern education.

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