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Take an automated approach to education’s complex processes

Leverage an all-in-one ecosystem to connect key departments in your school district while maximizing visibility and operational efficiency.

Stay compliant with education-focused reporting

Simplify compliance and meet regulatory requirements with one, powerful platform for extracting, analyzing, and reporting data.

Streamline the flow of data between departments

Keep data flowing between HR, payroll, and finance. Minimize errors, maximize employee visibility, and improve efficiency with deep insights across departments.

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Remove the hassle from your human resources processes

Edsembli HRP supports HR and payroll processes out of the box  for some of the largest school districts in North America. Our dynamic, cloud-based HRP platform helps teachers, administrators and support staff stay informed and track professional goals.

With Edsembli HRP, your school district gains access to a simplified human resources and payroll management system that’s capable of handling complex union agreements, employee needs, and comes complete with a powerful self-service portal. Stay in control with education-specific insights, features, and functionality with a platform that’s capable of supporting your people from hire to retire.

Seamless payroll

Manage employee types and pay calendars with salary grids, hourly rates, overtime shift codes, earning codes and intuitive timesheets.

Enhanced communication

Reduce the number of HR helpdesk calls by giving employees and managers direct access to their information.

Visibility & accountability

Seamlessly keep track of budgeted FTE, and monitor overfilled and vacant positions with integration between HR and payroll.

Automated workflows

Automate scheduling, assignments, onboarding, deductions, seniority calculations and absence management to save time and money.

Employee insights

View comprehensive employee records and qualifications with privileged, secure access, digital document storage, and extensive controls.

Jurisdictional alignment

Align positions with union/contract codes, salary categories, grid steps, and absence group profiles for compliant jurisdictional salary reporting.

Gain more control over your HR & payroll processes

Book a call with an Edsembli education specialist today to see how we can
cut the complexity from your workforce management processes.

Stay ahead of education’s HR & payroll challenges

Discover a powerful HRP solution that directly addresses some of education’s biggest HR and payroll challenges out of the box.

Occupational Position Control
Occupational Position Control

Eliminate your organizations blind spots

Gain insights on budgeted versus actual FTE and automatically assign position IDs across all district locations. Improve accountability, resource allocation, and accuracy while easily managing termination and onboarding processes.

  • Publish organizational charts and position audit reports. 
  • Easy integration with Edsembli Finance, benefits providers and government services. 
  • Tag positions with job descriptions, skill levels, ratings, and qualifications.
Dashboard of Edsembli | HRP Position Control
Employee and Manager Self-Service Portal
Employee Self-Service Portal

Empower teachers and support staff

Improve employee engagement with access to personalized profiles and insights into attendance, professional development, and assignments. Enable staff to access timesheets, pay stubs, T4’s/W2’s, seniority calculations, policies, and more.

  • Announcements, reminders, and quick links to keep employees informed.
  • Accurate timesheet entry with built-in alerts for deviance of budgeted hours. 
  • Appraisal management forms and workflows. 
  • Compliant leave of absence processes and approval workflow.
  • Automatically create timesheets for replacements.
Payroll Administration

A proven payroll platform, proven payroll processes

Eliminate the inherent complexity of K-12 payroll governance with a reliable, accurate, purpose-built payroll platform. Manage and automate the entire payroll process, from entitlement and authorization to pay run.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Edsembli Finance.
  • Support for segregation of duties and full audit transparency.
  • Generate reconciliation reports displaying all changes that impact an employee’s pay.
Dashboard of Edsembli | HRP Payroll Portal
Employee Record Management
Employee Record Management

A 360-degree view of every employee

Access everything you need to know about each employee with secure privileged access configurable by each segment of the employee record. Reduce data entry through applicant tracking integration, and manage everything from a simple, intuitive interface.

  • Quickly onboard new hires through a step-by-step employee wizard.
  • Configurable email notifications, notes, and workflows.
  • Automated staff scheduling and assignments.
Dashboard of Edsembli | HRP Electronic Employee Record Management
Digital Documents Uploads
Digital Documents Uploads

Upload up to 500GB of digital documents without worrying about data caps

With 500GB of document storage included there is no need to worry about file sizes, data caps, and capacity charges for your attachments. Fully embrace the shift to a paperless, digital future with a suite of powerful, cloud-based solutions purpose-built for the unique needs of education.

  • Keep your files centralized and organized through a flexible classification system. 
  • Give administrators full control over sensitive data with granular access and upload permissions. 
  • Support better financial, onboarding, and student registration processes.
Edsembli | Employee Self-Service Portal

Put the power back in the hands of your people

Give your employees 24/7 access to HRP information with Edsembli’s Employee Self-Service Module. Allow staff to manage everything from an intuitive, all-in-one dashboard, and keep employee information up to date with a built-in approval process. Reduce the workload of HR and administration through access to a variety of forms that streamline performance appraisals, built-in Health & Safety certification, and strongly-governed timesheet submissions. 

Empower your teachers to spend less time in the office and more time in the classroom doing what they do best.

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Cut the complexity from your workforce management

Book a demo with an Edsembli education specialist today and see how Edsembli HRP can transform your HR and payroll processes

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