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HR & Payroll Software for Education

Navigate education’s complex employee lifecycle management processes with HR payroll software built specifically for modern education.

Automating complex processes

Expedite both simple and complex processes with automation. Save time and reduce administrative burden by auto-populating employee files and simplifying compensation, deductions, appraisals, bargaining agreements, and more.

Built-in compliance to address your reporting needs

Edsembli gives you all the complex functionality you need to extract, analyze, and report data. Our cloud-based platform includes built-in Ministry reporting capabilities, reducing the need for multiple solutions and integrations.

Seamless data connectivity between all departments

Keep data flowing between HR, payroll, and finance. Minimize errors, maximize employee visibility, and improve operational efficiency with a platform that produces comprehensive insights.

Simplifying the complexities of education

We understand the unique and complex processes involved in managing your workforce. Our platform was purpose-built for education by education to handle all aspects of employee lifecycle management. Streamline hire-to-retire processes with a dynamic cloud-based platform.

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Introduce efficiency with a robust platform that does it all

What can you do with the Edsembli | HRP?

  • Simplify employee life cycle management from hire-to-retire

  • Integrate critical HR and payroll data with your finance department

  • Stay aligned with education-specific rules, regulations, and updates

  • Track employee records of employment, absences, seniority

Entitlement Process

Automate compensation packages following a change to employee status. Manage part-time, full-time, and returning employees.

Record of Employment

Generate comprehensive reports of employee history, including holiday calculations and vacation earnings.

Absence Management

Empower the learning experience with a proactive approach to all aspects of absence management.

Role-Based Access Control

Maintain data security by controlling access to sensitive information based on granular and customizable distinctions.

Enhanced Functionality where you need it most

Your employees represent the core of your organization. Streamline hire-to-retire processes with an integrated platform that does it all.

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Streamlining employee lifecycle management

Leverage cloud technology to keep critical employee data visible in one location—from hire to retire.

Ensure seamless data flow between HR, payroll, finance and the student information system.. 

Minimize errors, maximize employee visibility, and improve operational efficiency with a platform that produces comprehensive insights across departments. 

Manage leaves of absence proactively, automate compensation packages, and generate comprehensive reports of employee history, including positions, seniority and vacation calculations.

Compliance is at the heart of our ecosystem.

Take advantage of Edsembli’s built-in compliance features to address your reporting needs, while reducing the need for multiple solutions and integrations.

The dynamic cloud-based model integrates ongoing updates quickly to effortlessly keep you aligned with rules and regulations put forth by the Ministry of Education, CRA, and Service Canada.

Edsembli is driven by community engagement and support, with a commitment to continuous improvement. 

We rely on our network of schools and districts as well as industry thought leaders to innovate, develop new features, and keep our platform aligned with the needs of modern education. 

Our platform was inspired by school districts to overcome sector-specific roadblocks in human resources and payroll management.

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