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Edsembli partners with Livingstone Range School Division

In the News

Livingstone Range School Division agrees to partner with Edsembli to optimize back office school administration processes


Where the prairies meet the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Alberta, Livingstone Range School Division provides quality education to rural students in a dynamic learning environment. With a Division that is home to 14 schools, 13 Hutterite Colony schools, and 3600 students, they rely on unique programming, passionate staff, and remarkable leadership that contributes to providing students with an exceptional school experience.

Two major reasons why they chose Edsembli

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership: Given the recent changes to Alberta Education funding, their annual provincial funding will be reduced by over $2M by the end of the 2022-2023 school year. Because of this, and the increasing cost factors that many Alberta school divisions continue to face, they needed to scale back their spending to a sustainable level and implement cost-saving initiatives that ensure minimal impact on the classroom and students.

Enhanced Functionality: The Livingstone Range School Division was seeking to enhance the functionality of their systems. Entering into a partnership with Edsembli allows the division to maintain their current systems functionality while adding enhancements that would have been a significant investment above and beyond what they were currently paying. With Edsembli there is an opportunity and willingness to grow together.

Why Edsembli? 

  • Proven modern cloud technology purposefully built for K-12 school districts in North America
  • Fully integrated aspect of the Ecosystem provides the following benefits:
    • Better controls and overall process efficiency
    • Minimize the number of disparate systems to maintain (Edsembli | SIS, IPP, Library, Fees)
    • Components of the Ecosystem have the ability to talk to each other, minimizing data entry
    • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
    • Stronger voice in future development plans and roadmap
  • Accurate real-time multi-database reporting capability through Report Designer helps them make better informed, swift decisions
  • Integration with other business systems like Apply to Education, Edsby etc.
  • Guaranteed product delivery and after-sale support

Edsembli’s Ecosystem is also PASI Compliant, allows for access to data, and boasts a customizable BI dashboard. 

We are excited to work with the Livingstone Range School Division. The confidence of the school divisions we work with drives our business. We know we can deliver on solutions and look forward to helping them achieve their divisions’ mission.

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