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Watch our previously recorded FIN, HRP and SIS webinar events below.

Edsembli Family Portal


Edsembli's Family Portal: Learn How to Unlock the Full Potential of Communication

K-12 education has changed. The way your district communicates needs to change, too. How is your school district staying ahead of these changes?

The Edsembli Family Portal is a secure mobile-first module designed for parent and student engagement. It makes life easier for educators, administrators and families establishing a single source of truth for student data. Our upcoming webinar will show you how it works — and why it’s the perfect addition to your district’s technology stack. 

Join our webinar to learn: 

  • How K-12 education has evolved in recent years
  • What the Edsembli Family Portal is and how it works 
  • Core features of the Family Portal and how to use them.  
  • Key benefits of the Family Portal for students, parents, teachers and administrators.  
  • Best practices for using the Family Portal in your school district.

PRESENTER: Wendy Brown


FIN Webinars


Improving Transparency and Accountability in Schools with Tangible Capital Assets Management

Learn how the Edsembli Tangible Capital Assets Module helps school boards easily track, capitalize, and amortize assets. Support Ministry Asset Types, Reporting, and integrate with Edsembli Finance. Efficiently manage pooled and non-pooled assets, perform straight-line amortization, and handle disposals and write-downs. 

Join us to see how Edsembli can help you to enhance school asset management and ensure quality education while maximizing resources.

PRESENTERS: Wendy Brown, Delia Dinu



Enhancing School Board Financial Reporting: Purchasing, A/P & Stock Catalogues

Discover how your School District can streamline purchasing with stock catalogues and enhance school board financial reporting. Learn efficient methods for retrieving data from the stock catalogue, managing tenders, and tracking purchase history. Learn how Edsembli can improve financial transparency and accountability in reporting funding and spending.

The tendering process, a key component in financial management, will also be discussed. Attendees will gain an understanding of how historical stock purchases form an indispensable baseline for new tenders. Learn how Edsembli can improve financial transparency and accountability with real-time budget performance and insights.



HRP Webinars


Streamlining, Union, Pension and Benefits Reporting: Exploring Edsembli HRP

Discover how you can easily manage required reporting to unions, benefit providers and pension plans within the education sector in this comprehensive session. With a specific focus on pension buyback processes, OTIP, CUPE, TPP and other key reporting requirements, we’ll demonstrate how Edsembli, a leading K-12 ERP solution, can simplify and streamline these complex processes.

Join us as we delve into the core functionalities of Edsembli, empowering you to efficiently input data, track contributions, manage changes, and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of each pension and benefit plan.

PRESENTERS: Wendy Brown, Adam Carter



Make Salary Projections in Three Clicks

Discover how Edsembli’s employee Contract Negotiation system can help you make robust online projections for salaries and allowances, and provide a comprehensive view of your financial commitments.

See how to use advanced features to, create projection grids, send budgets to finance, and gain invaluable insights into future expenditure patterns.

PRESENTERS: Wendy Brown, Adam Carter


SIS Webinars


Edsembli's Family Portal: Connecting Home and School

Discover how Edsembli’s Family Portal can bridge home and school to create enhanced communication. Real-time access to grades, attendance, assignments, and events empowers families to stay connected with the school community.

Explore how Teachers and families can build stronger relationships to mutually nurture the child’s success.

PRESENTERS: Lisa Levy, Wendy Brown



Revolutionizing Academic Planning: Edsembli's Online Registration & AI Scheduling

Edsembli’s Online Registration system simplifies enrollment with an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Stay informed with real-time updates and clear communication throughout the registration process, ensuring students and families are fully engaged.

The true magic lies in the scheduling process. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the system generates a plethora of timetable options, meticulously balancing student choices, teacher availability, and efficient resource utilization. Are you ready to adopt a system that promises efficiency, adaptability, and precision? Then join us in this enlightening session.

PRESENTERS: Lisa Levy, Wendy Brown


Meet The Webinar Presenters


Wendy Brown

Director, Product Management


Adam Carter

Subject Matter Expert, Payroll


Delia Dinu

Product Owner, ERP


Lisa Levy

Product Owner, SIS

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