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Secure, privileged access to education data

Empower students, teachers, and parents alike

Give students greater ownership over their learning, provide parents with insights on students, and equip teachers with a suite of powerful educational tools. Support the shift to digital learning through purpose-built user portals.

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Remove pen and paper processes

Improve accuracy, efficiency, and engagement by giving parents and students access to digital report cards, individual education plans, and more.
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The power of communication

Encourage collaboration and engagement between all stakeholders, and promote better student outcomes as a result.
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Seamless security

Protect privileged information and stay jurisdictionally compliant with security that doesn’t impede access or usability.

Core Features

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Focus on what truly matters

Create lasting connections

Address learning gaps and improve student motivation with a solution built to inspire academic achievement. Promote parent and student engagement to better support students in their learning journey.

  • Multiple pedagogical approaches, summative, diagnostic, and formative assessments
  • Empower students by providing them with clear benchmarks for success
  • Encourage collaboration through built-in commenting

Help your students thrive with intuitive achievement management

Give students what they need to thrive, and parents and teachers the tools to enable them. Book a demo today to learn more.

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