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Student attendance and the benefits of an automated solution


With approximately 4.92 million students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools in Canada, managing attendance can be one of the most important—and daunting elements of the school administrative process. A suitable attendance system not only allows for the student success, but also school success, however in contrast, poor attendance can affect the quality of education and deter student performance.

But how can attendance data be effectively measured, in order to make necessary adjustments for change? By implementing a software solution, such as Edsembli—that includes a modern student management system that can simplify data collection, provide actionable data, and report in real-time.

Benefits of Automated Attendance Management

Enhanced Student Performance – With an automated classroom attendance management system, students and their parents can get a real-time notification via SMS or Email if a student is absent. This only increases a parent’s involvement in their child’s academic activities, but it also motivates students to be on time and present in the class. By this, it maximizes students’ engagement rate in the class thus improves their performances.

Timesaving for Teachers – An effective attendance management system not only benefits students but it also saves the teacher’s time in the daily attendance marking process. With a student information system and its attendance system, teachers no longer have to maintain manual student attendance. With the right solution, it is easily recorded, takes less time, and provides real-time information to the office and parents. This is better than manual processes. Plus, this saves a significant amount of time which they can use in focusing on students, creating better teaching methods and help in the development of their school.

Detailed Attendance Reports – With Edsembli, you can get detailed attendance reports with multiple categories. It gives you actionable reports with visual aids to easily resolve issues or concerns.

Eliminates Human Error – As is the case with many process driven tasks, attendance tracking is prone to human error. Lack of attention from a student, lack of formal processes in the classroom, and even something as benign as not being able to shout over a noisy classroom can result in improper tracking and inaccurate attendance data. Attendance tracking software nearly eliminates these issues. We are no longer reliant on humans and their fallibilities to track something like attendance. This not only ensures accurate data that aid in the making of administrative decisions, but also frees up valuable time for teachers.

Innovative Tracking Trends – Automated attendance can help teachers and staff focus on incentivizing attendance, rather than a system based on penalizing missing students. Plus, data gleaned from attendance tracking could give rise to interesting trends – from one where students are delayed for a specific amount of time, thanks to an inefficient logistical set up perhaps or even if a teacher isn’t meeting teaching goals and keeping students engaged. Schools have a lot to learn from attendance tracking systems.

In this economy, where data rules, school districts and boards would do well to capitalize on the wealth that can come from accurate attendance data. Choose a software solution that is purposefully built for the business of K-12 education management. Contact an Edsembli specialist today and book a demo to uncover how Edsembli can provide demonstrable benefits to your student attendance needs.


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