Software inspired by school districts

We understand the day-to-day challenges faced by schools and boards. Our student information system was inspired by school districts to keep your organization informed, efficient, and ready to deliver an enhanced learning experience.

school management system software

Empowering staff, students, and administrators

Streamline the management of critical student information with a robust cloud-based platform.

Instant access to actionable data that syncs

Keep your staff members informed at all times with quick and easy access to the right information, including student timetables, health records, academic performance, outstanding balances, and much more.

Simplify data collection and management

Create, auto-populate, and verify student records with a platform that connects directly to students and parents. Transform parent-teacher interactions with built-in form completion, fee payments, and direct lines of communication.

Effortlessly report in

Take advantage of real-time reporting functionality. Effortlessly remain compliant with jurisdictional regulations. Our platform was built with compliance at its core, ensuring full and uninterrupted funding.

A multi-functional tool for education

Student Portfolios

Stay informed and organized with access to student records, timetables, health records, performance, and more—all in one convenient location.


Unlock operational efficiency by eliminating manual processes wherever possible. Save time, cut costs, and reduce administrative burden.

Simplified Reporting

Create advanced reports in real-time. Edsembli gives you all the complex functionality you need to extract, analyze, and report data.


Create, auto-populate, and verify student records with ease. Automatically update student information across your systems.

Built-In Fee Payments

Abbreviate the collection process with a platform that connects directly to students and parents and enables online payments.

Advanced Search

Streamline decision-making with instant access to the right information. Our platform provides all the advanced search functionality you need.

Introducing an exceptional user experience

Guide students toward their goals with a cloud-based platform that does it all.


Transform the way you collect, manage, and access student data with a centralized platform that empowers reporting, keeps your data streams aligned, and offers an exceptional user experience for school staff, students, and parents.

This robust information management system seamlessly integrates with recognized solutions to keep your data flowing.


With Edsembli SIS, you can fine-tune every aspect of your student information system. Our platform offers you complete flexibility — from design themes, colors, to data layout.

The platform leverages data connectivity, automation, and a user-friendly interface to give you complete control over student registration, profile creation, assessments and more.


Optimize everyday tasks with an easy-to-use platform that learns from past behavior, creating shortcuts for you as your work.

Automate approval workflows, student pre-registration, reporting, & more with a powerful tool that learns on the go. Leverage cloud technology and automation to streamline parent-teacher interactions and keep staff members informed and productive.

Simplified access to student data

Edsembli’s student information system was designed for schools and districts looking to improve process efficiency through centralization, automation, and enhanced data connectivity and visibility. 

Introduce efficiency wherever possible with centralization, automation, and improved visibility. 

Minimize the need for multiple third-party apps and integrations.

Leverage automation to become more productive and improve operational efficiency.

Our platform was built with policies and procedures in mind, making it easier than ever for schools to communicate and collaborate with regulatory bodies. 

With Edsembli, you can leverage cloud technology and automation to:

  • Keep staff members informed at all times
  • Guarantee compliance with changing rules and regulations 
  • Streamline parent-teacher interactions

Edsembli is driven by community engagement and support, with a commitment to continuous improvement. 

We rely on our network of schools and districts as well as industry thought leaders to innovate, develop new features, and keep our platform aligned with the needs of modern education. 

Our platform was inspired by school districts to overcome sector-specific roadblocks in managing student information.

Edsembli's suite of modules compliment the Ecosystem and simplify the push to digital education

View our expanded modules that take your Edsembli deployment to the next level by enhancing functionality for some of education’s most complex processes.

Connect Ed

Create exceptional experiences and improve accessibility for staff, parents, and students with the Connect Ed Module.

Individual Education Plan

Transform the way you create, update, and handle IEPs with the enhanced functionality offered through the Individual Education Plan Module.


Modernize your library online and streamline day-to-day tasks with the Library Module.

Education Related Resources

Unlock seamless management of all student data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in Edsembli | SIS? Our list of frequently asked questions is here to help you learn more about this service.
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Yes we do using a standard API connection. We also offer a paid service for more complex custom data export requirements.

Yes we do. We have several education-specific modules, including library, IEP/IPP, student fees, and more are always coming.

Our SIS fully integrates with both HRP and FIN to provide full visibility into the relationships and processes between these three key areas. Our SIS doesn’t just focus on the education side of things, it ties into the full experience, providing valuable insights into the business side of individual schools and boards.

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