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Improve process efficiency by up to 60%

Designed for schools and districts looking to improve process efficiency through centralization, automation, and enhanced data connectivity and visibility.

Effortlessly produce jurisdictional compliant reports

Our platform was built with jurisdictional policies and procedures in mind, making it easier than ever for schools to communicate and collaborate with regulatory bodies.

Driven by community engagement and support

Our network of schools, districts, government entities and industry leading partners help us innovate to keep our platform aligned with the needs of modern education.

Keep teachers informed and students engaged

Edsembli’s robust, cloud-based SIS platform allows you to streamline the collection and management of student information in a way that empowers teachers, students, and educators across your school district.

Built from a deep understanding of K-12 schools, our jurisdictionally-compliant cloud platform integrates seamlessly with existing tools to transform the learning experience, ensuring teachers have everything required to help their students thrive.

No more paper processes

Retire outdated back office processes and improve accuracy by automating digital data with built-in, pre-populated forms. Seamlessly manage fees, payments, and transfers online.

All you need to know

Keep student information accurate and accessible with rich digital records that track everything from attendance, grades, bus routes and custody alerts. Quickly find data on students with intuitive, advanced search tools.

Easy privacy & compliance

Validate with e-government systems, generate reports, and automatically attach submitted forms to student records. Stay compliant and protect student data with secure communication and delivery.

Analytics meets education

Promote better learning outcomes with deep insights into student performance, attendance, and achievement. Ensure every student has what they need to truly grow, succeed, and thrive.

Connect where it matters

Give everyone an active stake in the learning process via the Edsembli Portal. Connect teachers with parents, share secure digital documents, and promote collaboration between 
all parties.

Empowered teachers

Configure scheduling, assessments, and activities, and apply grades and comments manually or in bulk. Enable teachers to spend less time on busywork and more time with their classes.


The pre-sale process for Edsembli was meticulously managed, providing school districts with comprehensive demonstrations and an open forum to ask candid questions. This transparent approach allowed us to thoroughly test the system and ensure its suitability for our unique needs.

Justin Pino, Superintendent of Business at HSCDSB

Powerful features built for education

Discover a feature-rich SIS that’s been purposefully designed to address the evolving needs of teachers and education management. 

Student Record Management
Student Record Management

Understand your students

Create jurisdictionally-compliant student records directly from a single screen. Track all education-related data, and apply comprehensive analytics that support both standard and local assessments.

  • Automatically attach forms and other digital documents.
  • Quickly generate student-centric reports such as timetables, IEP, graduation requirements, and more.
  • Stay on top of health, safety, and performance with medical alerts, custody alerts, and longitudinal achievement and attendance data.
Dashboard of Edsembli | SIS Student Record Portal
Online Forms & Registration
Online Registration & Forms

Give teachers back more time

Improve workflows and save paper with multiple types of pre-built, pre-populated forms that ensure data is entered correctly. Assign fees and collect payments entirely online.

  • Allow forms to be saved and completed later.
  • Automatically map collected data to the student record.
  • Leverage built-in tools for transfers.
Dashboard of Edsembli | SIS Online Registration and Forms, showcasing choosing a document

Keep parents engaged in their children’s K-12 education

Cultivate stronger parent-teacher relationships with a mobile-first module built for education today. The Edsembli Family Portal makes it easier than ever to promote parental involvement while also establishing a single source of truth for student data.
  • Parents can see everything their children interact with through a single, intuitive dashboard. 
  • Teachers can cultivate deeper relationships with parents using personalized communications. 
  • Administrators can establish a single source of truth for student data, streamlining data collection with configurable, pre-populated forms and secure document delivery.
Attendance Management
Attendance Management

No student left behind

Keep students safe with comprehensive attendance tracking. Connect with students and their parents with call home reports and remote attendance tracking.

  • Flexible attendance configuration and scheduling with morning, afternoon, and period attendance.
  • Configurable semesters, terms, days, patterns, cohorts, & excursions.
  • Manage attendance individually or in bulk.
Dashboard of Edsembli | SIS Student Record Attendance
Achievement Management
Achievement Management

Embrace personalized education

Track curriculum outcomes and keep students on the right path with flexible achievement rubrics and assessments. Easily check for spelling errors and missing marks in report cards.

  • Summative, diagnostic, & formative assessments.
  • Add class activities, homework assignments, and comments.
  • Configurable color coding and marking methodology.
  • Standard and alternate report cards.
Dashboard of Edsembli | SIS Class Marks and Comments
Communication & Engagement
Communication & Engagement

Connect staff, students, and parents

Keep the lines of communications open between parents, teachers, and students with powerful messaging capabilities, collaboration features, built-in file sharing, and more.

  • Ensure parents are connected by creating a line of communication for parents.
  • Provide full visibility into student performance, learning outcomes, and more.
  • Share digital feedback forms, student documents, IEPs, and more.
Dashboard of Edsembli | SIS Student Record Digital Documents screen
new module: Edsembli Family Portal

Make it easy for teachers and parents to communicate

Bring teachers, parents, and students together on any device with the Family Portal. Access everything you need to promote better parent and student engagement in one place. The Family Portal’s easy to use interface makes communication to the most important people in a student’s life easy.

  • Parents can see everything their children interact with through a single, intuitive dashboard. 
  • Teachers can cultivate deeper relationships with parents using personalized communications.
  • Administrators can establish a single source of truth for student data, streamlining data collection with configurable, pre-populated forms and secure document delivery.

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