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5 Ways Education HRP Software Makes HR Easy


The education sector, like most industries, constantly evolves. There are many different views on the best teaching methods, tools, and curricula for teachers and students. 

However, the one thing that remains constant throughout these changes is the importance of those behind the scenes — the people who dedicate their lives to enriching the minds and hearts of their students. Therefore, districts must ensure they use their greatest assets — their employees — to their best ability. 

Human Resources Planning (HRP) is a strategic approach that harnesses the full potential of your school district employees. Read on to learn the meaning of HRP, the roles and responsibilities of HR, and five ways Ed HRP simplifies HR processes.


What is Human Resources Planning?

Human resources planning is the continuous process of forecasting an organization’s current and future workforce requirements. It also ensures the organization has enough quality employees to achieve its goals by creating strategies to attract, develop, and retain them to meet those needs.


Roles and Responsibilities of Human Resource Planners

Most HR departments have endless responsibilities, but the most common ones typically include: 

  • Create and manage employee development programs to enhance knowledge and skills 
  • Develop retention and recruitment strategies to attract and retain the best talent
  • Initiate a solid plan for workforce development 
  • Develop and manage compensation and benefits programs 
  • Comply with all relevant unions, employment laws and regulations
  • Monitor and analyze HR metrics to track strategy effectiveness


5 Ways Edsembli | HRP Simplifies HR 

Human resource planning is crucial for education HR admins as it helps align the district’s workforce with its strategic goals and objectives. Edsembli’s HRP is built by education, for education. Implementing Edsembli HRP offers significant benefits.

Benefit #1: Hire Management

Edsembli’s HRP makes onboarding new employees easy. The platform readily supports integration with all the popular applicant-tracking solutions (ATS), such as ApplyToEducation, a web-based ATS and automated dispatch system. 

The hire management feature eliminates the need to enter data twice. HR can integrate data by clicking “import new hires.” Once imported, you can narrow your search by browsing applicant records by status, such as on boarding complete, in progress, and more. Sorting and group actions helps streamline high volume hiring tasks and frees up time for more important tasks.. 

You can view and modify applicant information, including any degrees or certificates and add attachments. When you’re ready, launch the add new employee wizard by selecting “add new employee.”

The employee wizard will walk you through the required fields step by step to create a new employee record. All related data from the applicant tracking system will automatically populate in the appropriate fields, leaving your HR personnel to fill in the rest. 

The software generates and assigns an employee number and clearly identifies  all the required fields, like location, SIN, employee group, emergency contact, and other employee details. It can also detect if the employee already exists in the system, preventing duplicates while also verifying documents and flagging supervisory privileges like approving time sheets or absences. 

When the new employee record is complete, it will catch any data entry errors like wrong SIN or birthdate and allow you to go back and correct them.


Benefit #2: Retirement

An employee can access all information regarding retirement, such as seniority, benefits, compensation, accrued sick days, and holidays. 

Calculations for seniority configured as either annual, monthly, or daily, depending on the employee’s contract and there’s a calculation history to refer back to in the seniority service tab. This is where you’ll find any out-of-country and province work experience to add to an employee’s tenure.  

The benefits tab displays the benefits for the employee, dependents, and their coverage. The tab labeled “pension” provides pertinent details about their pension, and retirement eligibility dates. Upon retirement, there’s an option in the termination tab to extend benefits or salaries beyond the last day of work.


Benefit #3: Self-Service

You can reduce the number of calls and emails your HR department receives with the employee self-service portal. The employee experience starts at the dashboard, which provides a snapshot of how many vacation days they have left, their absence profile and usage, and other essential information.

Depending on the employee’s role, they may also have access to the employer dashboard, which is designed to showcase analytics on absences and actionable insights in one convenient location. 

The employer controls an employee’s access through security settings and the user’s assigned role. The employee will have direct access to information on salary, benefits, paystubs, T4s, and seniority calculations. 

They can also easily update personal information, such as new address, phone number, banking information, and marital status. The HR department is notified of change requests and may require further information before approving the updates. 

When it’s time for performance reviews, employees receive automated notifications and can complete digital forms online that complement the appraisal process, receiving guidance from their manager and workflow processes. The software automatically populates customizable forms with personal and positional employee information. The form style and content support many field types, such as text boxes, tables, dates, and digital signatures.


Benefit #4: Absences and Callout Systems

The self-service portal allows employees to enter a sick day or request time off. Once you open a new entry request, you can choose the position you’ll be absent from (if you have more than one position) and then fill in the required fields. 

You can also view the absence profile to see your available days, make necessary notes in the provided field, and upload supporting documents like a doctor’s note. Seamless integration allows for automated reconciliation with timesheets and payroll.


Benefit #5: Health and Safety

Health and safety are hot topics, with incident prevention being essential. School districts can offer dedicated awareness and training programs, such as WHMIS, to at-risk employees through Ed HRP. 

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is a law created in 1988 that brings awareness to employers and employees about the hazardous chemicals and products they may be exposed to at work. The four main aspects of WHMIS are:

  • Hazard identification and product classification
  • Labeling
  • Safety data sheets
  • Employee education and training

For a school district, at-risk candidates can include Art and Science teachers and custodial engineers. But this training can benefit all staff since they likely handle some form of hazardous products at home. 

Ed HRP makes ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety laws easy. The training module walks you through all the required content and doesn’t allow you to skip ahead or go too quickly, so you better absorb the content. You can also include testing questions and videos to ensure information retention. 

Managers and administrators can track training and run reports by employee group, individual, or location to keep your health and safety initiatives current and on track.  


Spotlight View of Ed HRP

The Edsembli HRP spotlight is a 360° view of an employee on one screen. Everything you need to know about a particular employee is available through the staff management menu option with simple or advanced search options. 

Advanced search gives you 25 different filter options to help narrow your search. For example, if you’re looking for employees with a first aid certificate.

You can also display or hide sections through security settings based on the user’s role and access every section of an employee record through buttons in the spotlight view, such as:

  • Employee information
  • Seniority service
  • Position and assignment
  • Benefits
  • Pensions 
  • Compensation
  • Approved leaves 
  • Termination
  • Development


HRP Leads to Better Learning

Edsembli’s HRP software makes it easy for your HR teams to gain more visibility and control over critical HR processes. It also ensures you have the right staff in the right positions, helping you make better-informed decisions and steer your school district toward greater success.  

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