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Cut the complexity from your school district's operations

Leverage Edsembli’s all-in-one ecosystem to manage both employees and finances with intuitive search, dashboards, and reporting.

Stay compliant and in control

Simplify compliance, meet regulatory compliance, and gain more control into and visibility over your budget with a platform built by education, for education.

Connect and integrate your operations

Keep data flowing between HR, payroll, and finance. Minimize errors, maximize employee visibility, and improve efficiency with deep insights.

Bring intelligent automation into your cash flow processes

Trusted to manage the operational challenges of some of North America’s largest school districts, Edsembli ERP is an all-in-one financial, student, and operations management platform designed to fulfill the unique business needs of K-12 school districts. 

A dynamic, cloud-based model intelligent automation with an intuitive interface to streamline everything from payroll processing to faculty management to admissions while keeping your district on top of changing jurisdictional requirements.

Unify HR, payroll, accounting, and more

Book a call with an Edsembli education specialist today to see how
we can help you streamline and modernize how your district operates.

Empower your faculty

Automate everything from onboarding to seniority calculations. Engage  faculty  via self-service web portals and a simplified expense claims process. 

Easier payment processing

Enhance vendor management and manage payroll with intuitive, data-rich invoices and timesheets. Import, export, and convert records with our REST API.

See the bigger picture

Classify, monitor and track every asset, transaction, and faculty position in your district. Visualize spending with configurable, searchable transactions.

Integrated analytics

Consolidate HR, payroll, and accounting into a single platform and gain deep insights into spending, asset utilization, and faculty. 

Seamless reporting

Combine dynamic, roll-up financial reporting with jurisdictionally-compliant salary reporting. Stay on-budget and on-task with real-time notifications.

Compliant records

Maintain comprehensive employee and student records with qualifications, privileged secure access, extensive access controls and digital document storage.

Accounting for School Districts
Accounting for School Districts

Better budget management

Support both day-to-day and long-term financial needs with improved data visibility, more accurate reporting, and real-time encumbrance of funds. Equip administrators with role-based access controls, advanced reporting, and easy-to-follow audit trails.

  • Real-time budget burndown, reporting, and accounting workflows. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with Edsembli | HRP for payroll administration.
  • Full visibility into and control over district transactions.
Dashboard of Edsembli | HRP Expenses and Budget chart
Budget & Vendor Drilldown
Budget & Vendor Drilldown

Find vital financial data in seconds

Enable your financial managers to quickly search and access transactions by G/L, G/L group, or vendor. Produce and export meaningful and detailed visualizations, invoices, and reports.

  • Roll-up and drill down data views, real-time budget burndown, and T4A/1099 vendor tracking.
  • Easily drill down to supporting transactions, inclusions, audit trails, and documentation.
  • Simplify reporting and export to Excel, CSV, or PDF.
Dashboard for Edsembli | FIN Query Drill down
Automated Purchasing Workflows
Automated Purchasing Workflows

Save time, cut costs, and reduce administrative burden

Eliminate manual processes to improve both accuracy and operational efficiency in your purchases. Identify new optimization opportunities through analytics, and unlock potential discounts by paying invoices immediately. 

  • Code across multiple G/L’s.
  • Upload and attach documents to any transaction. 
  • Quickly turn PRs to POs and POs to invoices.
  • Automated approval workflow.
Dashboard of Edsembli | FIN Automated Purchasing Workflow
Occupational Position Control
Occupational Position Control

Eliminate your organizations blind spots

Gain insights on budgeted versus actual FTE and automatically assign position IDs across all district locations. Improve accountability, resource allocation, and accuracy while easily managing termination and onboarding processes.

  • Publish organizational charts and position audit reports. 
  • Easy integration with Edsembli Finance, benefits providers and government services. 
  • Tag positions with job descriptions, skill levels, ratings, and qualifications.
Dashboard of Edsembli | HRP Position Control
Payroll Administration
Payroll Administration

A proven payroll platform, proven payroll processes

Eliminate the inherent complexity of K-12 payroll governance with a reliable, accurate, purpose-built payroll platform. Manage and automate the entire payroll process, from entitlement and authorization to pay run.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Edsembli Finance.
  • Support for segregation of duties and full audit transparency.
  • Generate reconciliation reports displaying all changes that impact an employee’s pay.
Dashboard of Edsembli | HRP Payroll Portal
Digital Documents Upload
Digital Documents Uploads

Upload up to 500GB of digital documents without worrying about data caps

With 500GB of document storage included there is no need to worry about file sizes, data caps, and capacity charges for your attachments. Fully embrace the shift to a paperless, digital future with a suite of powerful, cloud-based solutions purpose-built for the unique needs of education.

  • Keep your files centralized and organized through a flexible classification system. 
  • Give administrators full control over sensitive data with granular access and upload permissions. 
  • Support better financial, onboarding, and student registration processes.

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