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Edsembli revolutionizes parent-teacher communication for HPSD

Customer Success Story

Revolutionizing Parent-Teacher Communication and Report Card Delivery with Edsembli

Seeking a more secure alternative to email for sending report cards and a more effective means of communicating with parents, High Prairie School Division (HPSD) has deployed Edsemli’s Family Portal.

While Edsembli Connect had long been a staple for secondary schools within the district, HPSD had yet to explore anything similar at the elementary level. That changed after HPSD saw what the new Family Portal could do.

Angela Uhrig-Dow, SIS Specialist at HPSD, expects that the homework feature will help to improve teacher-student and teacher-parent engagement. Access to the communication board will provide an engaging secondary channel for direct communication between schools and families.

“Edsembli’s unified login is a game-changer, as it allows parents to seamlessly manage multiple children, even across several schools. Through secure mobile access to student data such as attendance, marks, and report cards, the portal has also reduced the risk of falling prey to phishing attacks or bad actors.”
– Angela Uhrig-Dow
Student Information Specialist at HPSD.

After initial pilots in May and June, the district executed a full deployment of the Family Portal in mid-September. Edsembli provided detailed documentation to help with communication to families mitigating any growing pains experienced during the deployment. When HPSD identified any issues during the pilot Edsembli swiftly rectified the issues.

Edsembli is also helping the district increase adoption through login reports that show which students and parents are accessing the system. With 30 day snapshots of activity insights leading metrics of engagement can be reported on.

Efficiency and ease of use are non-negotiable in modern education. HPSD understands this. As it continues its journey, it remains focused on collaborating with Edsembli to further optimize the portal. Through resilience and a customerfocused approach, the district has ensured a promising future for education from K-12 and beyond.

About Edsembli

Edsembli is a provider of student information systems in Canada and the United States. Our modern, cloud-based platform is designed to help schools and districts manage and track student data, including information about enrollment, attendance, grades, and other important aspects of a student’s academic and personal life. With tools for reporting and analysis, as well as integration with other education-related systems and technologies, Edsembli is dedicated to helping schools and districts use data to drive decision-making and improve student outcomes. For more information about Edsembli, please visit our website at https://www.edsembli.com.

About High Prairie School Division

High Prairie School Division, located in north-central Alberta, provides comprehensive educational programs and services to approximately 3100 students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. Its educational enterprise is carried out in thirteen schools located in the communities of Falher, Donnelly, High Prairie, Joussard, Kinuso and Slave Lake. Approximately 550 full and part-time employees, including teacher aides, secretaries, librarians, janitors, maintenance personnel, bus drivers, mechanics, education specialists and central office administrators and personnel, directly supplement the endeavors of over 230 school-based teachers and administrators. Seven trustees elected by parents and taxpayers of the Division’s four subdivisions provide governance and overall direction.


For more information about Edsembli, please explore our website.

Contact: Randy Lenaghan, CEO, Randy.Lenaghan@edsembli.com, 1.833.373.6254

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