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Edsembli Earns Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification and Level 4 Badge

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Edsembli Earns Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification and Level 4 Badge

Edsembli, a leading K-12 education technology provider, has announced that it has received certification for interoperability through Project Unicorn. The certification further solidifies the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions for K-12 education and improving student outcomes through data interoperability.

Edsembli, a technology provider for K-12 education, recently achieved certification for interoperability through Project Unicorn. This certification showcases the company’s dedication to improving K-12 education by using innovative solutions and promoting data interoperability to enhance student outcomes.

With interoperability, teachers can personalize instruction and access student data easily, allowing them to focus on student growth rather than manual importing and exporting of data. Interoperability also ends data silos, allowing schools and districts to contextualize their data and improve learning practices district-wide. Additionally, it helps administrators to deepen coaching relationships with teachers to better support teachers and students, while securing student data through standardized formats and secure software.

Edsembli’s CEO, Randy Lenaghan, said, “We are thrilled to have received certification for interoperability through Project Unicorn, which further solidifies our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions for K-12 education. We recognize the pivotal role data interoperability plays in improving student outcomes, and that’s why we have gone above and beyond to ensure it is an integral part of our product design.”

By joining Project Unicorn, Edsembli has signed the pledge committing to interoperability, signaling to other school networks, edtech tools, and their school community that they are committed to helping their students grow with interoperability.


About Edsembli

Edsembli is a provider of student information systems in the United States. Our modern, cloud-based platform is designed to help schools and districts manage and track student data, including information about enrollment, attendance, grades, and other important aspects of a student’s academic and personal life. With tools for reporting and analysis, as well as integration with other education-related systems and technologies, Edsembli is dedicated to helping schools and districts use data to drive decision-making and improve student outcomes.


About Project Unicorn

Project Unicorn is a national initiative coordinated by InnovateEDU and powered by a coalition of organizations representing stakeholders across the education sector focused on the goal to optimize and radicalize education data with interoperability, Project Unicorn leads the development of events, tools, and resources to educate K-12 buyers of edtech products, bring clarity to interoperability standards, help edtech vendors meet the demand for interoperability, raise awareness of the importance of interoperability for understanding all students’ paths to graduation regardless of income or zip code, and ultimately see how interoperability can create data magic for schools and students.


What is Data Interoperability?

Data interoperability refers to the ability of different software applications to seamlessly, securely, and accurately exchange data with each other. The main goal of interoperability is to provide valuable insights that can inform instruction and promote personalized learning experiences for students.

Why Data Interoperability is important for schools?

Interoperability is important for schools because it saves teachers time and allows them to personalize instruction for each student. It also helps end data silos, enables administrators to better coach teachers, and ensures secure management of student data through standardized formats and secure software.

In conclusion, Edsembli’s achievement of interoperability certification through Project Unicorn demonstrates their commitment to improving student outcomes and supporting educators through data interoperability.


For more information about Edsembli, please explore our website.

Contact: Randy Lenaghan, CEO, Randy.Lenaghan@edsembli.com, 1.833.373.6254

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