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Edsembli empowers modern education with a suite of powerful tools and systems that compliment the Ecosystem and simplify the push to digital education.

Transform critical processes with modules that address education-specific requirements

Our expanded modules take your Edsembli deployment to the next level by enhancing functionality for some of education’s most complex processes.

Edsembli Family Portal

Individual Education Plan

Employee Self-Service

Expense Claim Management

Tangible Capital Assets

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Edsembli & Ed-Fi Data Standards

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Edsembli Family Portal

Make it easy for the most important people in a student’s life to communicate with the Family Portal add-on for Edsembli | SIS. The Family Portal gives parents a centralized platform to receive communication from the school board, school and teachers, track student achievement, and stay connected with events and updates.

There’s no need to switch between accounts. The Family Portal lets parents manage the entire family with one login. Parents can quickly switch between their children to check messages and homework.

Make it easy for teachers, parents, and staff to communicate. The Family Portal supports one-to-one and one-to-many communication, allowing teachers to connect with parents and school districts to send important updates.

Monitor student progress and achievement through the Family Portal. Parents can ensure their child is on track with integrated homework, marks, and teacher feedback.

Break down silos by bringing important administrative tasks into one intuitive platform. The Family Portal supports pre-populated documents for registration, field trip forms, and enables fees and payments.

Individual Education Plan

Simplify IEP management with our fully-featured module focused on improving communication with parents and students and complying with jurisdictional reporting requirements. Allow educators to easily manage and customize IEPs as necessary while giving administrators visibility into the entire process.

Streamline all aspects of IEPs with powerful functionality that streamlines IEP revisions, tracks meetings, digital document management, and more.

Our IEP module supports core processes, including identification program review committees, exceptionalities, placements, and programs.

Meet IEP regulatory requirements with the ability to revise existing IEPs, support revisions, and make ongoing changes as needed.

Simplify the process for documenting essential information from meetings, with complete support for meeting minutes, dates and times, full meeting history, and summaries.

Track integrated transition meetings and all information designed to help students transition off of their IEPs.

Accessible data ensures your IEP programs receive proper funding for all great work they do.

Share portal access and digital documents directly with parents.

Implement assessment-based report cards that track individual progress and ensure the success of your students.

Employee Self-Service

Give every employee access to the tools and info they need whenever they need it. Our secure portal allows staff to access, update, and view important employment information on-demand. Automate timesheets and eliminate email threads with HR with this powerful module.

This module lets your staff access HRP information from any device with a secure internet connection.

The built-in approval process allows you to update essential information, banking details, see full job history, seniority, salary, entitlements, and more.

Staff can download paystubs, T4s, and T4As online through the portal.

Gain full visibility and control over timesheet submissions. Track education-specific requirements for LTOs, supply teachers, short-term supply teachers, and more.

Simplify the performance appraisal process with access to a variety of forms, support for double signatures, and more.

Simplify the WHMIS certification process with in-app WHMIS certifications that ensure proper completion.

Includes an annual self-reporting system that allows employees to declare their criminal history.

Expense Claim Management

Simplify all aspects of the expense claim management process. Give educators the tools they need to claim expenses and rapidly receive reimbursement while providing detailed claim information for administrators.

Experience unmatched flexibility with a solution that lets you create customized business rules, including location to location, auto-tax, maximum limits, and more.

Ensure your general ledger is always up to date by auto populating it with your latest expense claims.

Supervisors and board-level employees can quickly see expense claims, approve or reject them, and issue payment. Employees will automatically receive notifications based on the decision.

Create an audit trail that protects your employees and ensures you’re prepared should you get audited.

Implement strong governance and processes with complete visibility into every aspect of the expense claims process.

Expedite the payment process for vendors that use non-traditional payment methods.

Keep your expense claims accurate and verified with the ability to upload documents and images.

Tangible Capital Assets

Empower your financial processes with enhanced visibility into key assets in your school district. Give your finance teams robust insights and enhanced visibility into the financial health of your assets while enabling data-driven decisions.

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with complete visibility of the capital invested in your preconstruction and construction in progress projects.

Effectively classify and track the useful life of assets, amortization based on an asset’s value, bad debt, toxic assets, and more.

Gain full support for write downs, retirements, and the disposal of assets, including expanded visibility for assets permanently removed from service.

Track depreciation and amortization of your assets in one location with automated calculations that keep your accounting processes on schedule.

Improve all aspects of asset lifecycle management with full support for pooled assets and deemed disposals.

Streamline every aspect of your reporting processes with a tool that documents and follows your reporting periods.

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