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We believe in modern education

Edsembli empowers school districts and individual schools to rethink existing processes, reallocate resources to the classroom, and reimagine the student learning experience.

Empowering administrators, educators, and students

We believe in a platform that improves outcomes at all levels of education. Reduce administrative burden, empower educators, and deliver an enhanced learning experience with Edsembli.


Leverage cloud-based technology to create a modern user experience that delivers functionality where you need it most for your school district.


We’re focused on education. The Edsembli ecosystem was inspired by school districts to overcome sector-specific challenges.


Join the Edsembli community of educators, administrators, and innovators. We’re building the future of modern education.

Our Leadership Team

Our team believes in helping schools and boards to overcome challenges and do their most impactful work. 

Randy Lenaghan
Frank Ferlaino
Client Management Services
Gabriel Lawrence
Finance & Administration
Patrick Lau
Software Development
Paige Traill
People & Culture
Wendy Brown
Product Management

How is Edsembli supporting modern education?​


Modern education requires access to the right technology to empower your people and processes. Edsembli helps school districts and individual schools rethink how they approach human resources, payroll, finance, and student information management by unifying them in a single platform.


Accomplish more with the resources you have. Edsembli offers powerful functionality that improves your visibility of key processes, budgets, & systems. We make it easy for you to reallocate resources with confidence by identifying potential savings, optimizing existing processes, & streamlining decision making.


Edsemlbi offers school boards and individual schools an intuitive and connected experience for essential HR and finance data, student information management, and more. Reimagine every aspect of education, from backend processes to teacher, parent, and student experiences.

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