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Edsembli Enhances Student Information System with New Family Portal Release

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The latest Edsembli | SIS add-on helps promote parental engagement, involvement, and communication

 Edsembli (https://www.edsembli.com), a leading vendor of K-12 education management software, today announced the launch of the Edsembli Family Portal designed to streamline communication between teachers, parents, and administrators within a school district while ensuring maximum visibility into student achievement and engagement.

Developed for mobile devices, the Ed-Fi Compliant software functions as both a communication and education management tool. It’s easy to use interface provides parents with a full view of a child’s education, including built-in tracking tools for learning and homework. The portal also supports Single Sign On (SSO) through both Google OAuth and Microsoft Azure, allowing parents with multiple school-aged children to see their full family without requiring multiple logins. 

In addition to email notifications and a built-in newsfeed, the Family Portal allows for multiple modes of communication.Teachers can communicate one to one or one to many with parents and students utilizing a built-in communication builder for creating and publishing personalized rich messages, making it easier for teachers, schools and school boards to share updates with parents and students.

“Collaborative learning and  hybrid classrooms have redefined K-12 education, creating a new landscape that requires new communication tools,” explains Wendy Brown, Director of Product Management at Edsembli. “The Family Portal is our answer to this landscape, supporting a better connection between parents and teachers and promoting better student outcomes as a result. By keeping everything a student interacts with in one place, the portal allows both parents and teachers to stay engaged and better track student achievement while improving visibility for important school district updates and news.

The Family Portal establishes a single source of truth for student data with configurable pre-populated forms and secure delivery of important documents. Report cards, individual education plans, attendance records and registration forms can all be uploaded directly into the portal.

The Family Portal will be delivered as an optional add-on for the Edsembli Ecosystem, a proprietary all-in-one cloud platform that consists of a student management system, a finance management system, and an HR and payroll system.

About Edsembli

Edsembli is a provider of student information systems in Canada and the United States. Our modern, cloud-based platform is designed to help schools and districts manage and track student data, including information about enrollment, attendance, grades, and other important aspects of a student’s academic and personal life. With tools for reporting and analysis, as well as integration with other education-related systems and technologies, Edsembli is dedicated to helping schools and districts use data to drive decision-making and improve student outcomes. For more information about Edsembli, please visit our website at https://www.edsembli.com.


For more information about Edsembli, please explore our website.

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