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DSB1 embraces the evolution of K-12 ERP with Edsembli

Customer Success Story

Embracing the Evolution of K-12 ERP With Edsembli

The landscape of school board Enterprise Resource Planning has evolved. Legacy solutions can no longer keep up with the changing landscape of K-12 education. District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1) recognized this — just as it recognized that the work of the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) ERP bid process as it presented DSB1 with the perfect opportunity to deploy a more efficient, modern solution that would enable different pathways for the board’s operations.

With this in mind, DSB1 set out to evaluate four different vendors via the OECM tender process, which involved four months of thorough consideration, direct engagement and product demos. It did not take long for Edsembli to emerge as the standout choice for several reasons. According to DSB1 ERP Project Manager Stephanie Banks, communication stood out as one of the key reasons.

The way Edsembli communicated with us really set it apart from its competitors,” explains Banks. “During the pre-sales process, Edsembli quickly responded and ensured all our questions and concerns were addressed. They took a collaborative, proactive approach to problem-solving. Edsembli’s proven track record and experience working with school boards even further cemented our confidence in its capabilities as a vendor.”
Stephanie Banks
DSB1 ERP Project Manager.

Edsembli’s commitment to staying current and up-to-date was another selling point for DSB1, ensuring that the new ERP solution would address the shortcomings of its aging legacy system. Edsembli’s user-friendly interface was another significant draw, making the platform more accessible and adaptable for the school district’s personnel.

DSB1’s ongoing implementation experience with Edsembli has also been highly positive. The district appreciates the knowledge base, particularly the fact that the project team includes former school board users now employed by Edsembli. According to Lisa Edwards, DSB1 Superintendent of Business, this familiarity adds considerable depth and understanding to Edsembli’s support.

“Because Edsembli employs people who’ve faced the same challenges as our school district, it truly understands our needs,” explains Edwards. “We also really appreciate Edsembli’s commitment to transparency and the clarity of its five-year roadmap, which together have allowed us to build a strong partnership and ensure both our organizations stay aligned in their long-term goals.” 

District School Board Ontario North East’s journey with Edsembli exemplifies the positive outcomes that arise when technology and expertise combine to fulfill the unique needs of the education sector. As DSB1 continues its pursuit of excellence, Edsembli remains a trusted partner, providing a modern and efficient ERP solution tailored to the challenges and opportunities of the education landscape.

About Edsembli

Edsembli is a leading provider of innovative solutions designed specifically for school districts. With a comprehensive suite of modules, robust integrations, and a commitment to customer success, Edsembli empowers school districts to streamline their administrative processes, increase efficiency, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1)

DSB1 is proud to serve families and students in Northeastern Ontario, from Temagami to Hearst. DSB1 is an English Public School Board offering innovative programming including French Immersion, Indigenous language courses, experiential learning opportunities and alternative education programs. Employing more than 960 permanent full-time staff, the district serves 30 schools, including 20 elementary schools, 9 secondary schools and 1 alternate education school. Eleven trustees elected by parents and taxpayers from DSB1’s communities and subdivisions oversee district operations. 


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