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Ionic Partners unites Edsembli and Sparkrock to forge a new powerhouse in Canada's K-12 EdTech space

See how Edsembli is supporting the new standard of data through the Ed-Fi Alliance

Edsembli | Ecosystem

Improve data connectivity and visibility across all departments

Enhance data connectivity across education operations, business operations, and education delivery departments to improve productivity and visibility where it matters most. Minimize the need for third-party platforms and integrations with a centralized K-12 software that gives you instant access to relevant information and generates comprehensive insights for informed decision-making in the best interest of the student.

  • Simplify human resources management with built-in support for onboarding, payroll, union agreements, and more.
  • Gain visibility into your district’s budgets, expenses, purchasing processes, and other business processes.
  • Create a unified student experience with a SIS that brings teachers, parents, and students together.
Edsembli Family Portal

Keep parents engaged in their children’s K-12 education

Cultivate stronger parent-teacher relationships with a mobile-first module built for education today. The Edsembli Family Portal makes it easier than ever to promote parental involvement while also establishing a single source of truth for student data.  

  • An intuitive, configurable interface with single sign-on gives parents access to homework, marks, comments, teacher feedback, and more. 
  • Communicate through multiple channels, including email notifications, comments, direct messages, and a built-in newsfeed. 
  • Embrace collaborative learning with full support for IEPs and assessment-based report cards.

A unified ecosystem for everything education needs

Choose between individual components or the entire ecosystem. Seamlessly integrate other components whenever you’re ready.

Edsembli | SIS

Information System

Simplify student data management

Edsembli | FIN

Management System

Bring school district finances into focus

Edsembli | HRP

HR, Payroll &
Benefits Management

Enhance employee engagement

The Edsembli Ecosystem makes engaging learning experiences possible

Edsembli | SIS
Edsembli | SIS

Find the connections in your student data

It’s time to leave paper forms and data silos in the past. Edsembli’s jurisdictionally-compliant cloud platform empowers teachers, students and parents with seamless access to student information, all while promoting a data-driven, collaborative learning experience. 

  • Searchable access to information including absences, contact data, and history. 
  • Manage timetables, schedules, report cards, and personalized lesson plans. 
  • Provide parents and students with a self-service portal for registration and payments. 
  • Maintain secure, active communication between parents and teachers.
Edsembli | FIN
Edsembli | FIN

Gain full visibility into your school district’s finances

Simplify the entire accounting process for your school district with a platform that’s purpose-built for education’s complex financial processes. Edsembli FIN brings your mission-critical financial data into one powerful platform.

  • Accurately classify and monitor every asset and transaction in your district. 
  • Simplify reporting and visualize your spend with a fully configurable, intuitive dashboard.
  • Streamline budgeting with automated purchase workflows and simplified expense tracking.
  • Gain full visibility into your finances to ensure accountability and compliance.
Edsembli | HRP
Edsembli | HRP

An easier way to manage education’s human resources

Your teachers, administrators, and staff play an important role in your school district. Edsembli HRP simplifies all aspects of human resources and payroll, providing districts with a powerful, all-in-one platform that’s purpose-built for education’s processes.

  • Manage the entire HR and payroll process with employee types, pay calendars with salary grids, hourly rates, overtime shift codes, and more.
  • Stay on top of employee information with built-in support for employee records, qualifications, budgeted FTE, vacant positions, and digital document storage.
  • Maintain compliance with complex union agreements and other jurisdictional reporting requirements.
  • Automate scheduling, onboarding, deductions, seniority calculations, and other areas of your HR department.


Find the connections in your student data
Gain full visibility into your school district’s finances
An easier way to manage education’s human resources
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