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Flexible management, configuration, & scheduling

Take charge in addressing absenteeism

Quickly take and track attendance either in the classroom or at the school office. Eliminate human error by automatically collecting attendance data, and manage attendance records with a comprehensive toolkit for configuration, reporting and visualization.

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Put student safety first

Track students with unexplained absences and reach out immediately through real-time integration with our partner Intrado.
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Enhance student performance

Configure real-time notifications about absences, marks and behavior for parents and students, and identify issues with actionable, visual reports.
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More time for learning

Enable teachers to spend less time collecting data and more time doing what they do best—teaching.

Core Features

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From attendance to engagement

It's time to embrace automated attendance management

Empower your faculty to focus on incentivizing attendance with an automated, intuitive attendance management solution. Support e-learning by tracking headcount based on phone calls, notes, and sign-ins.

  • Centralize attendance management in the office with optional teacher lock-out
  • Monitor and assess attendance data for individuals, classrooms, and groups
  • Automatically connect attendance data to digital student records

Manage attendance more efficiently and effectively with Edsembli SIS

Maintain accurate records and identify issues before they spiral out of control with a flexible, full-featured attendance management solution. Book a demo today to learn more.

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