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Why Edsembli is Working Towards Full Ed-Fi Compliance


We believe in the power of data. The world has already seen how everything from social media platforms to financial institutions has harnessed data to improve every aspect of their operations. 

Yet, it seems like education organizations have been left behind. Data and technology are often treated as a burden rather than an asset that enhances student success. This perspective is because the right systems and tools aren’t in place, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t available. 

The Ed-Fi Alliance aims to empower educators and administrators to easily view, securely store, and harness their data. The alliance is a multi-faceted non-profit organization composed of former teachers, education administrators, and developers. 

The non-profit has created the Ed-Fi Data Standard to guide education organizations and developers in collecting, storing, and using its powerful yet sensitive data. 

Edsembli is working towards full compliance with the Ed-Fi Data Standard. We fully support Ed-Fi’s vision, and complying with its data standard helps the education industry manage and gain insights from its wealth of information.

What is the Ed-Fi Data Standard?

Student data has historically been stored in disparate systems and spreadsheets, making it difficult to understand — let alone to use and support student learning. 

The Ed-Fi Data Standard was created to help school districts and education agencies use the millions of data points they collect. The goals of the Ed-Fi Data Standard are:

  • Allow educators to ask questions about student performance and instantly have the answer.
  • Enable principals to understand trends in their schools quickly.
  • Empower teachers to quickly and accurately discover how to best deliver personalized learning for every student.

Ultimately, the Ed-Fi Data Standard guides educators, administrators, and software developers in how to properly handle data to accomplish each of the above goals. Unfortunately, without a standard in place, there’s no common language for all involved parties to manage data.

Edsembli to Achieve Full Ed-Fi Data Standard Compliance

We believe in Ed-Fi’s mission, so we’re updating our platform to comply with its data standard fully. Our leading-edge ERP platform is already helping educators and administrators streamline their processes, procedures, and data handling. 

Compliance with the Ed-Fi Data Standard will improve our platform and the education industry. Once completed, it will be easier for educators and administrators to adopt our platform and quickly gain insights from their wealth of data. 

Is your education organization ready to harness the power of its data? Reach out to us today to speak with an education specialist and learn more about how Edsembli can help.

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