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Learn what the future of education will look like and how your school district can adapt to these changes.

Explore the hidden costs of data and take a deep dive into how data standards impact modern education.

Edsembli | Ecosystem

Improve data connectivity and visibility across all departments

Enhance data connectivity across education operations, business operations and education delivery departments to improve productivity. Minimize the need for third-party platforms and integrations with a centralized platform that gives you instant access to relevant information and generates comprehensive insights for informed decision-making in the best interest of the student.


A unified ecosystem for everything education needs

Choose between individual components or the entire ecosystem. Seamlessly integrate other components whenever you’re ready.

Edsembli | HRP

Our robust HRP platform streamlines your approach to managing hire-to-retire processes, from profile creation, onboarding, timesheet tracking, and payroll to acting on bargaining agreements and other union-related decisions.

Edsembli | FIN

Take control of your finance department with a comprehensive portfolio of built-in accounting tools, advanced reporting functionality, and real-time data visibility. Improve your requisition to cheque, general ledger, queries and other core finance processes.

Edsembli | SIS

Streamline every aspect of student management. Create profiles that cover timetables, health records, academic performance, and more. Our intuitive platform connects with students and parents, allowing for built-in fee payments and communications.


Financial Management Software

Education software that meets the needs of today's school districts

Grow and thrive by joining the Edsembli community. We drive continuous improvement by welcoming support from industry thought leaders. Our mission is to meet the changing needs of modern education with innovative technology and people-focused solutions.

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Livingstone Range School Division

Livingstone Range School Division agrees to partner with Edsembli to optimize back office school administration processes.

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