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Dashboard of Edsembli | HRP Electronic Employee Record Management

Privileged, Secure Digital Access to Employee Data

Gain full visibility into your people

Seamlessly create and verify comprehensive records for every employee in your district. Equip administration with a seamless back office solution that reduces paper waste, email trails, and unnecessary manual work.

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Find employee information fast

Locate profiles by searching specific fields such as name, group, qualifications, location, and more — or perform an advanced search with support for multiple criteria in one search.
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Reduced Data Entry, Enhanced Accuracy.

Integrate with applicant tracking, automated dispatch and other administrative processes to automatically populate staff records.
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Easy compliance

Securely store digital documents with each employee record while ensuring all data remains jurisdictionally compliant.

Core Features

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Eliminate Unnecessary Back Office Documentation

Managing Your Employee Records Has Never Been Easier

Empower advanced inquiries for employees and their elements through a secure, automated solution with an easy-to-read interface. Combine employee record management, onboarding, and budget management through seamless integration with Edsembli’s other HRP modules.

  • Update multiple employees simultaneously through group actions.
  • Configure secure access to each segment of the employee record.
  • Automatically connect attendance data to digital employee records.

Understand and Empower Your Best People With Edsembli HRP

Maintain accurate employee records, identify issues before they spiral out of control through an intuitive electronic employee record management solution. Book a demo today to learn more.

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