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A Trusted Solution for Payroll in K-12 Education

Take charge of employee attendance

Eliminate human error by automatically collecting attendance data for replacement employees, and manage absence requests, timesheets, and more with a comprehensive toolkit for approving, reporting, and visualization.

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Enter Data Once.

Improve efficiency and accuracy with proven processes to eliminate duplicate data entry.
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Streamline and Simplify.

Seamlessly manage and automate your payroll process from entitlement and authorization to pay run.
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Powerful Integrations.

Leverage a payroll solution bundled out of the box with Edsembli’s HRP platform, or combine with Edsembli Finance for even greater visibility and control.

Core Features

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Payroll Governance You Can Count On

Reliable, Accurate, Purpose-Built

Tackle the challenges of payroll governance for K-12 education by partnering with a provider that’s been trusted for over 20 years by some of North America’s largest school districts. Be confident in your payroll with proven processes and technology.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Edsembli Finance
  • Proven education payroll processes
  • Manage multiple employee types & pay calendars

Support All Your Payroll Needs With Edsembli HRP

From multiple complex collective agreements to budgeted staff positions, count on Edsembli's proven, trusted K-12 payroll solutions. Book a demo today to learn more.

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