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Intuitive, Seamless Position & Budget Management

The right people, the right positions, the right time

Define and track job classes and positions across your entire school district while driving insights on budgeted FTE with full operational visibility. Streamline your onboarding, offboarding, scheduling, and attendance management through powerful automation.

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Ensure accuracy and accountability

Reduce human error and improve oversight by auto-populating position data and assigning a head to each position.
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Stay on Top of Budgeted FTE

Seamlessly report on vacancies and overfilled positions against approved budget.
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Ensure a Better Employee Experience

Enhance both recruitment and onboarding while remaining jurisdictionally compliant.

Core Features

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Stay Efficient, Stay Informed

It's Time to Take Control of Your Staffing Processes

Make it easier than ever for your HR professionals to align each position with union contracts, jurisdictional regulations, and more. Prevent overstaffing and under-staffing by ensuring each school is assigned the people it needs, and integrate with Edsembli | FIN for real-time visibility into budget burndown.

  • Tag each position with qualifications, ratings, skill level, and job description.
  • Automate staff scheduling with staff category codes.
  • Stay apprised of all assignments with position audit reports, and organizational charts

Build a Better Position Management Strategy

Improve accuracy, efficiency, and budget allocation with our full-featured occupational position control solution. Book a demo today to learn more.

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